Malcolm is a professional Psychic, Reiki Healer/Teacher, and Shamanic Healer with over 27 years experience.

He started his conscious spiritual journey in 1989 whilst holidaying in Tenerife. He was drawn to the Island of La Gomera and experienced a spiritual awakening on a land bridge on top of the island. This was in the form of a bright light which struck him in the third eye while looking across at Mount Teide a 3,718 m active volcano on Tenerife.

After this experience, his business collapsed and in 1990 he ended up living in a caravan in Glastonbury UK. Over the next 3 years in the caravan, he started having the same dreams ever few days about medicine men and woman and always saw the same male face.

In 1994 Spirit set up a sequence of events that lead to the opportunity for him to go to New Mexico. And within 48 hours of arriving in Taos NM, he met a Tiwa medicine carrier by the name of Blue Spruce Standing Deer, who turned out to be the face in the dreams.

Over the next 10 years, he travelled to Taos every year and stayed for periods of 3 to 6 months.

During these visits, he allowed the energies of this sacred land to help open him up to receiving many messages from Spirit, which lead him on many Spiritual adventures around the Globe.

If you choose Malcolm for a psychic reading today, rest assured he will give you a reading which is not only accurate but will fill you full of your own sense of personal power and life purpose.